Follow These 9 Best YOGA ASANAS For Healthy Life !!!

ü    Yoga brings about a balance in your physical, mental and emotional health.

ü    Yoga keeps your body flexible and helps you lose weight .

ü    Yoga helps to detoxify the body, improves immunity and relieves stress in the mind .

ü    Yoga rejuvenates you, keeps you energetic and calm throughout the day .

ü    Yoga helps you to enjoy better relationships, increases your awareness and enhances your intuition

Vajrasana Practise

Vajrasana for 10-15 minutes after meals to boost up your digestion:

Steps to do it: –

  1. Fold your right leg at the knee and place the foot under the right buttock .
  2. Fold your left leg at the knee and place the foot under the left buttock .
  3. Sit on the pit formed by the parted heels, keeping your spine erect .
  4. Place both the palms on the respective thighs Vajrasana is also beneficial in relieving back pain and it strengthens the pelvic muscles

Chinmudra Pranayama

  Relax yourself in 2 minutes :

  CHINMUDRA PRANAYAMA opens the lower lobes of the lungs and relaxes the mind and body.

Steps to do it: –

  1. Sit in sukhasana (cross legged) comfortably.
  2. Keep your spine erect.
  3. Touch the tip of index finger with the tip of the thumb in both hands.
  4. Keep the rest of the three fingers together and straight.
  5. Place the hands on your knees.
  6. Take long and deep breaths slowly for 2 minutes and relax.

Chinmaya Mudra Pranayama

  Relax yourself in 2 minutes:

  CHINMAYA MUDRA opens up the middle lobes of your lungs and aids absorption of food in the body. 

Steps to do it: –

  1. Sit in sukhasana (cross legged position) on a flat surface .
  2. Keep your spine erect and close your eyes .
  3. Touch the tip of the thumb with the tip of the index finger in both hands .
  4. Fold the rest of the three fingers inward to touch the palm in both hands .
  5. Breathe deeply for next 2 minutes slowly and relax with each exhalation .


Dhanurasana or the bow pose relieves the pressure on your spine and back muscles and tones them. It relieves menstrual discomfort and constipation.

Steps to do it: –

  1. Lie down on your tummy on a mat with your feet apart and arms by your side .
  2. Fold your knees and grab your ankles .
  3. While inhaling lift your chest off the floor and pull your legs up .
  4. Keep your body taut as a bow and keep breathing deeply .

After 15 seconds exhale and bring your chest and legs slowly to the floor and relax .


Padmasana or the lotus posture helps in improving concentration, prevents abdominal aliments and brings peace to the mind.

Steps to do it: –

  1. Sit on the floor on a mat, stretch your legs in front of you and keep your spine straight .
  2. Fold your right leg and place your right heel on your left thigh .
  3. Fold your left leg and place your left heel on your right thigh .
  4. Place your hands on your respective knees with palms facing the ceiling .

You are now sitting in Padmasana, which is the best position for meditating or doing pranayamas If you are not able to sit in padmasana for long, you can also sit in Ardh padmasana with any one heel placed on the opposite thigh


Benefits of Pranayama: -It enhances the oxygenation of body cells and flushes out toxins -It increases lung capacity and strengthens your lungs -It enhances heart health and boosts immunity levels -It helps you to relax and de-stress yourself and steps up your concentration -It helps in blood purification and improves the blood flow in the body

Steps to do it: –

  1. Close the right nostril,exhale through the left and inhale into a count of 4 .
  2. Close the left nostril as well and retain the breath to a count of 16 .
  3. Release the right  nostril and exhale full through it to a count of  8 .
  4. Keeping the left  nostril closed ,inhale through the right into a count of 4.
  5. Close the both nostrils and retain the breath to a count of 16.
  6. Release the left nostril and exhale to a count of 8 to complete one round.

 Brahmari Pranayama

 Brahmari Pranayama  Improve your concentration, lower your high blood pressure and rejuvenate yourself with Bhramari Pranayama.

Steps to do it: –

  1. Sit in a cross.
  2. legged position on a flat surface on a mat and plug your ears with both the thumbs and place the index fingers over the eyebrows .
  3. Place the middle fingers on your eyes, ring fingers at the base of your nostrils and rest your little fingers on your cheeks .
  4. Inhale with both the nostrils, exhale slowly and start making a humming sound like a bee .
  5. Keep breathing and humming for the next 2-3 minutes -Slowly relax, take your hands down and keep your eyes closed for 5 minutes .

Feel the energy flowing in your body and open your eyes with a smile!

Aadi Mudra

Aadi Mudra helps in balancing the sense organs and calms down the nervous system:

Steps to do it: –

  1. Sit in sukh asana (cross-legged posture) on a flat surface keeping your spine erect .
  2. Place your palms (facing the ceiling) on your knees .
  3. Put your thumb at the base of your little finger on both hands .
  4. Wrap the thumb with the fingers lightly .
  5. Take long and deep breaths for 3-5 minutes to balance and calm your nervous system.

The oxygen flow to the lungs, throat and head area increases with the use of Aadi mudra.

Ek Pada Pranam

Asana EK PADA PRANAM ASANA (greetings on one leg pose) improves your concentration, enhances your body balance as well as self confidence.

Steps to do it: –

  1. Stand straight with legs together and relax your body .
  2. Breathe normally and slowly transfer the body weight onto the leg .
  3. Bend the right knee and place the sole of the right foot on the inside of the left thigh .
  4. Join your palms in front of your chest and concentrate on your breath while holding the pose .
  5. Slowly come to the starting position and repeat this exercise with the other leg.

    Please click the below link to watch it in video.

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