Beetroot can support up your wellbeing gigantically.

Its highest advantages are:

  1. It contains nitrate, which builds oxygen supply in the body and lifts up the vitality
  2. It is a minefield of iron that builds hemoglobin level
  3. It has a considerable measure of fiber that directs defecation and mitigates stoppage
  4. It is rich in folic corrosive that is useful for pregnant ladies
  5. It has heaps of calcium that makes bones and teeth more grounded


Crunchy Radish has numerous medical advantages for you:

  1. Radish is rich in sodium phosphorus, chlorine, magnesium and Vitamins A, B and C
  2. Gargling with warm squeeze of radish blended with a squeeze of shake salt soothes torment and swelling in the throat
  3. Eating crude radish with its leaves cures blockage
  4. Radish is advantageous in jaundice, diabetes and urinary afflictions
  5. It brings down cholesterol levels and hypertension


Peas are to a great degree rich in proteins. Its highest advantages are:

  1. Eat crude green peas to cure obstruction
  2. Eat peas cooked in ghee to beat shortcoming and develop your stamina
  3. Put a glue of pulverized peas to diminish consuming sensation on the skin
  4. Use peas with garlic and ginger to get alleviation in gastric infirmity
  5. It is exceptionally nutritious for pregnant ladies and builds lactation after conveyance


Find the great medical advantages of Cauliflower:

  1. Regular admission of cauliflower enhances vision .
  2. Eat crude cauliflower after dinners to treat ulcer .
  3. Eat cauliflower routinely to detoxify blood and recuperate skin infirmities.
  4. Drink juice of cauliflower routinely to reduce torment in joints .
  5. Wash leaves of cauliflower with warm water, dry them with a
  1. material and apply them over consumes and wounds for recuperating.

Spring Onions

Appreciate the magnificent advantages of scallions or spring onions:

  1. They have heaps of Vitamin C, calcium, carotene, potassium, press,

protein and fiber

  1. They forestall gastrointestinal issues and lessen irritation
  2. They help with assimilation and invigorate sweat
  3. They improve blood dissemination in the body
  4. They bring down the glucose level and lessen the LDL cholesterol


  1. They diminish the danger of creating colon growth


 Moringa is a superb method to appreciate marvelous wellbeing:

  1. It helps in controlling glucose levels and lessens hypertension
  2. It alleviates gastric disease and soothes looseness of the bowels
  3. It upgrades the resistance level and lifts drain generation after conveyance
  4. It builds the hemoglobin level and goes about as a love potion
  5. It mitigates blockage, stomach ulcers, migraine and contaminations


Find the advantages of Capsicum for enrapturing wellbeing:

  1.  It is brimming with Vitamin C that improves your insusceptibility levels
  2.  It forestalls respiratory afflictions like asthma and wheezing
  3.  It contains capsaicin that treats and forestalls disease cells
  4.  It supports your digestion by bringing down triglycerides and causes you lose


  1.  It has heaps of cell reinforcements that assistance in treating waterfall, heart sicknesses and osteoporosis

Spinach-Bathua-(Chakravarthy Keerai)

Bathua the verdant sheep’s quarters is known to be a weed however they are stacked with various medical advantages .

Include verdant sheep’s quarters (Bathua in Hindi, Chakravarthy Keerai in Tamil) to your eating regimen.

Its best 5 astounding advantages are:

  1. It is rich in vitamin A,B and C, press, calcium, potassium, phosphorus
  2. Eat sheep’s quarters consistently for a couple of days to treat clogging and heaps
  3. Wash your hair with water overflowed with leaves of sheep’s quarters to

expel dryness and lice from the scalp

  1.  Drink a large portion of some juice of sheep’s quarters with a squeeze of salt to dispose of worms in your tummy
  2. – Apply a glue of sheep’s quarters on consumed skin to diminish the consuming sensation


Potato is beneficial for your wellbeing. Its highest advantages are:

  1.  It is rich in magnesium, potassium, zinc and vitamin B complex that is useful for your skin
  2. It is stacked with carotenoids that keep your heart sound
  3. It is loaded with cancer prevention agents that repair body cells and alleviates intestinal irritations
  4.  Apply a glue of crushed crude potato with 1 tsp nectar all over for delicate skin
  5.  Chew crude potato cuts to avert acid reflux
  6.  To decrease swelling, apply a glue of crude potato on the swollen region
  7.  Boiled or prepared potato gives you most extreme medical advantages


Add turnip to your every day eat less for astounding medical advantages:

  1.  It contains glucosinolates that brings down the danger of colon, rectal

also, bosom disease

  1.  It is loaded with Vitamin K and folate, which anticipate heart related


  1.  It is rich in calcium content that checks osteoporosis and

rheumatoid joint pain

  1.  It helps hunger, helps processing and diminishes wheezing in


  1.  It improves resistance levels and its juice averts body

scent in summer.


Pumpkin has stunning advantages for your wellbeing:

  1.  It is rich in fiber that advances probiotic microorganisms, which helps your resistance
  2. It has low glycemic file and it helps in managing glucose levels
  3.  It has heaps of cucurbitacin content that averts joint inflammation and brings down cholesterol
  4.  It is brimming with Omega-3 oils that enhance your heart wellbeing
  5.  It is an extraordinary eating regimen sustenance as it is low in calories

Green chillies

Incorporate Green bean stew in little adds up to your every day eat less carbs.

Find its advantages:

  1. It has Vitamin A that keeps your skin youthful and enhances your visual perception
  2. It has Vitamin C that improves insusceptibility and helps absorption
  3. It ventures up the digestion and aides in weight reduction
  4. It is rich in capsaicin, which is an energizer and enhances great disposition
  5. It has potassium that holds hypertension under tight restraints

Gourds and its amazing advantages  

  1. Snake gourd – Snake gourd is high in water substance and makes a difference
  2. chill off the body. It is likewise low in calories, which makes it an awesome expansion to your weight misfortune menu. – It is brimming with calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, vitamin B complex and fiber. This is extremely useful
  3. for diabetics.  The juice of snake gourd leaf helps treat unpredictable pulse.  An implantation made of snake gourd makes it a compelling solution for jaundice.
  4.  Bitter gourd (Karela): This gourd isn’t the widely adored due to its severe taste yet it cleans the blood and gives you a shining skin. This is the best prescription for diabetes.
  5.  Bottle gourd: This gourd benefits you similarly as a container of water. It helps battle urinary issues and powerless kidneys.
  6.  Snake gourd (Chichinda): If you are counting calories, your eating less carbs is deficient without this gourd. The high water substance of this gourd enables your body to remain cool and what’s increasingly  it has not very many calories.
  7.  Ridge gourd: Rare minerals and supplements like zinc, magnesium, thiamine and riboflavin are found in this gourd.
  8.  Ivy gourd: This gourd is essential for diabetics as it helps bring down their sugar levels.
  9. Pointed gourd: This gourd is useful for heart and liver.


                     Add tart tomato to your food for its astounding advantages:

  1. Tomato is organically a natural product that is celebrated as a vegetable as it is broadly utilized as a part of cooking
  2.  Chromium content in tomato controls glucose
  3.  It has Lycopene that ensures your skin against destructive bright beams
  4.  Tomato juice blended with carrot juice expands your hemoglobin levels
  5.  Eating 2 ready tomatoes toward the beginning of the day encourages you shed pounds


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