How can your bank account with internet banking facility can be hacked?

*How can your bank account with internet banking facility can be hacked?MUST SEE!*

1. Hacker accesses your name and date of birth from  Facebook.
2. With these details he goes to the IncomeTax site and updates them. From there he obtains the pancard/IC/Adhar card/mobile numbers details.
3. Then he gets a duplicate card made.
4. After this he lodges a mobile theft complaint in a police station.
5. With the duplicate card he gets another simcard from the mobile company.
6. Through internet banking he is now ready to access your account.
7. He goes to the site and uses the forgot my password option.
8. Now he easily gets past other options and gets the  Internet banking pin on his simcard.

Safety tips:

1. Avoid revealing your card /personal details in social websites.
2. Avoid using public WiFi’s.
3. Close the internet when not in use.
4. Beware of bogus calls and message  asking for you to reveal your personal details ,
password or pin number.
5. When in doubt,Call your bank immediately if you find any fishy  emails or calls claiming to be from bank.
6. Close your internet when not in use.
7.  Practice using exact web address.
8. Always logout when you login banking websites.
9. Never share your passwords.
10. Change your password regularly .

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