Belum Forest Reserve :

The Belum Forest Reserve is arranged in Gerik of the territory of Perak. The hold region is a development of 290,000 hectares of land and around 146,000 hectares of the region is comprised of virgin woods. The whole woodland hold is isolated into two areas whereby the upper are of the Belum Forest extends to the Thai-Malaysian outskirt which covers a region os 117,500 hectares of impervious wilderness while the lower Belum Forest is comprised of the Temenggor Lake. The Belum and Temenggor Forests have been proclaimed as a woodland hold all together for the place to fill in as a changeless site for examine.

There are roughly 60 salt licks that are discovered scattered all finished Belum. There salt licks are fundamental for the wellbing of the creatures in the timberland. There are a lot of potential for the administrators to create specific regions of these salt licks for ecotourism purposes. In any case, with a specific end goal to understand this mission, significantly more arranging and broad research must be done as it has been known from the past that acquaintance of individuals with the zone will make the creatures escape them their typical waterholes and saltpans. This occurred in Taman Negara and must be observed by the experts of the Belum Reserve also.

Salt licks are usually found with different sorts of creature tracks, for example, the Sambar Deer, the Kijangs, Tapirs, wild pigs, Seladang, Malayan Gaur, wild hogs and some more. Indeed, even elephant tracks can be seen crossing the salt lick zone. While being here at the timberland hold, make sure to take some minute to appreciate the amazing view and the lovely nightfall over the Temenggor Lake.

You can likewise visit the Terhong waterfall when you are here. It will take a 2-hour vessel ride and an additional 4 hours of trekking to achieve this waterfall. You can likewise visit the Orang Asli settlement which is along the Sara River. The Belum woods has numerous different exercises that you can enjoy. Some of them are wilderness trekking, winged animal watching, outdoors, kayaking and angling.


From Kuala Lumpur, get on the North-South Expressway and drive towards Ipoh. Exit at the Kuala Kangsar exit and move towards the bearing of Gerik. Take highway 4 that will lead you to Banding Island. Here is the place you travel starts. Entrance into the Belum Forest Reserve is best orchestrated with the resort proprietors in the region.

Lost World of Tambun

The Lost World of Tambun is situated in Ipoh, the capital city of Perak. This is the first and final water amusement stop you can discover in Ipoh. The Lost World of Tambun is situated a long way from the clamoring city and covered up among the rich greenery within Tambun. Here, you will see loads of rich greenery and limestone precipices that will surely overwhelm you.

The Lost World of Tambun took RM60 million to finish and is an eagerly awaited amusement stop for anybody in the zone and visitors. The amusement stop is arranged with different creepers, vines and different greeneries to give guests a feeling that they truly are in a Lost World. The Lost World of Tambun is the sister amusement stop to the Sunway Lagoon amusement stop in Petaling Jaya and was authoritatively opened to be open in November 2004.

At the amusement stop, you can set out on different exceptional rides, for example, the Tube Raiders where you slide down with vast tubes, or the Cliff Racer where you race down at top speeds in a mine truck or the Jungle Wave Bay where you will be at an expansive pool with nine unique waves. There is likewise a safari in the amusement stop where it is the home for three grown-up tigers.

Another intriguing fascination at the amusement stop is the pool which is loaded with hot mineral water from the Tambun hot springs which is outstanding for its mending properties. For guests who lean toward the less brave action, you can go for the Adventure River which circumvents the amusement stop. This enables you to relaxed view the entire of the amusement stop.


To get to the amusement stop, you should get to Ipoh. From Kuala Lumpur it will take around a 2-hour drive to Ipoh. From Penang, it will take 90 minutes by driving.

Tempurung Cave (Gua Tempurung)

Gua Tempurung is arranged at Gopeng in the territory of Perak. This give in is accepted to have existed since mid 8000 B.C. furthermore, is most likely the biggest regular limestone structure in Malaysia. It is likewise Perak’s best kept mystery. The Gua Tempurung is without a doubt a standout amongst the most excellent white marble and limestone give in with different measurements.

Gua Tempurung comprises of five huge vaults with roof which resemble coconut shells. The cosmetics of every arch are of various arrangements and marble which exist because of varying temperatures and water levels. The magnificence of the caverns is basically out of this world as their stalagmites, stalactites and other heavenly shake developments that are only a fabulous ponder. There are a few visits into the surrender as that is the primary fascination here. The holes are really arranged under the limestone slopes and passages are shaped that lies from east to west and is around 1.9 kilometers long.

The River Adventure is the visit which expects guests to bring an additional arrangement of garments as one will beyond any doubt to be splashed to the skin and brimming with sand. You can bring your own particular light and wellbeing head protector yet they are likewise accessible for lease. Giving in here requires no related knowledge and it reasonable for pretty much anybody. Other than buckling, you can go for wilderness boating. Normally guests go for the wilderness boating subsequent to surrendering to tidy themselves up. At the stream, you will be in for some energizing rapids and drifting down the unmistakable waterway water amidst the green backwoods. This basically is the best experience you can ever have and it is an awesome action to do with your loved ones.


To get to Gopeng, you should drive on the North-south Highway and exit at the Gopeng Interchange which is around 25 kilometers south of Ipoh. Continue towards Kampung Gunung Mesah and drive through the town for around 4 kilometers. You will have the capacity to see the limestone slope on the separation when you get close it.

Kellie’s Castle

Kellie’s Castle is arranged close Batu Gajah in Perak. It is around 20 minutes drive from the city of Ipoh, the capital of Perak. The château is an incomplete house that was worked by a Scottish grower by the name of William Kellie Smith. The stronghold was worked by some are either as a blessing to his significant other or a home for his child.

The Kellie’s Castle was intended to be the focal point of the well off provincial grower and heads to mingle. The manor was worked with a six story tower, wonderful sections and even a wine basement. There was additionally to be a housetop patio for holding parties and a lift which was around then, the first in the nation of Malaysia. In spite of the fact that designs were terrific and brimming with extravagance, the building was never finished. Development started in 1915 yet stopped in December 1926 with the sudden demise of its proprietor, William Kellie Smith. After the demise of Smith, the home on which the manor was found was sold and the house, excessively turned out to be a piece of the arrangement in the offering of the home.

70 laborers generally from Madras were procured to build the manor. The blocks and marble were altogether brought the distance from India. Lamentably, amid the time of development, a strange disease broke out and caused the passing of a considerable lot of Smith’s representatives. Smith was informed that he needs to fabricate a sanctuary to conciliate the divine beings. With that, Smith rapidly got his specialists to construct a Hindu sanctuary close-by. Development continued after the sanctuary was finished. Lamentably, the château was never completed as Smith passed away because of pneumonia amid his outing to Lisbon.

Today, the house had been rediscovered and is currently broadly known by local people and the sightseers as the Kellie’s Castle. The chateau still stands tall through the trial of time. This symbolizes the spearheading soul of the early colonialists and the sentimentalism of a former time.


Kellie’s Castle is found in transit to Batu Gajah town at the Kinta Kellas Rubber Estate. It is roughly 30 minutes via auto and around 14 kilometers from Ipoh.

Bukit Merah Laketown:

The Bukit Merah Laketown Resort is a traveler goal which is situated close to the towns of Semanggol and Taiping in the territory of Perak. The attractions of this resort are close to the lake and the resort is an extraordinary spot for family relaxes. The Bukit Merah Laketown resort is certain to make your experience a fun and noteworthy one.

The amusement stop is an extensive zone of 11 sections of land and is in reality the biggest in the northern locale of Peninsular Malaysia. Altogether, there are ten enterprises in the recreation center. They are the Boomerang, Sandy Beachfront, Wave Pool, Giant Wet Bubble, Water Speed Slides, Giant Tube Rides, Body Slides, Lazy River, Activity Pool, Perak Mining Company and the Kids Adventure River.

Other than these experience rides, there is additionally the Marina Village which is for shopping, feasting and unwinding at the arcade focus. Likewise, there is the Resort Activity Counter where you can get more data and book for an assortment of exercises which incorporate nearby visits, bicycle riding, outdoors and wilderness trekking. The recreation center is additionally furnished with the eco-stop which is the home to various outlandish and neighborhood winged creatures, butterflies, otters, primates and reptiles all in their separate aviaries. Once a day, there are demonstrates that component skilled creatures. The wilderness promenade is a place you ought to go on the off chance that you need to unwind and stroll through the undisturbed rainforest of the recreation center.

Another fascination at the recreation center is the Orang Utan Island. It is unquestionably not to be missed in the event that you are here. The Orang Utan Island is one of the principal normal stores for these one of a kind animals in the territory of Malaysia. Guests are permitted to watch them from the survey stage. Watch them play and being bolstered at the island. There are bounty more attractions at the resort. To visit them all, visit the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.


Bukit Merah is most advantageously come to by means of street. You should take the Bukit Merah exit on the North South Expressway which is 10 minutes north of the Kamunting exit. After the exit, simply take after the sign sheets to the Bukit Merah Laketown Resort.

Pangkor Island:

Pangkor Island (Pulau Pangkor) is an island located in Ipoh , Malaysia. This island has a quite huge population of around 25000 people. This fantastic attraction has best coves,beautiful white sandy beaches, charming fish villages  with many historic sites, restaurants, shopping outlets  around it. This resort has many resorts such as Pangkor Laut resort, Coral Bay resort, Bay Villa resort,Palm bay resort,Sandy beach resort,etc..Tourists will really enjoy the trip to Pangkor Island and really love to stay longer in this Island…The best way you can reach  beautiful Pangkor Island is by heading to Lumut jetty from Bidor,Ipoh  and from there take a boat ride to go to Pangkor Island .

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